Welcome to my new website!

March 8, 2024

If you’re an old lurker here, you’ll know that my website in the past was run more or less like a glorified blog, which worked well for me at the time. But as my career changes, so does my need for a website. This new website will be run less like blog, but will have some of the same key features such as:

Any news about myself and my stories will from now on be in the (lo and behold!) news section.

I might still do ARC reviews, but will put them under the news section rather than a separate section as before.

As usual, you can sign up for my very sparse newsletter.

What to expect for 2024:

  • I’ll have my first horror short story (dystopian) published by Shortwave Magazine.
  • My short story, “The Drowning Bones,” will be included in Haven Speculative Magazine’s “Best of 2023” anthology after also having been added to the Nebula suggested reading list last year.
  • I am drafting my third project while agented. It’s my first novel-sized grounded sci-fi project.
  • I will be going on submission with my second project that I’ve written while agented. An epic fantasy rooted in Scandinavian troll lore.

Lastly, if the design of this new website has piqued your interest, you can find the designer here.

And that’s it from me – for now.

Thank you for being here!